ANSWER: Brand new magnetized push into a moving costs is perpendicular so you can their velocity

ANSWER: Brand new magnetized push into a moving costs is perpendicular so you can their velocity

Then force would-be F=kqvB regarding z-assistance

QUESTION: A number of electrical energy is defined by volts x amps x big date. A level of mechanized times is defined (or perhaps is) of the push x length and therefore compatible kinetic time. Whenever electricity was converted into physical, a force shall be produced by applying current and latest (amps). So is this a paradox? Energy was functionally push x go out when you’re mechanical energy sources are force x distance.

ANSWER: 1 V=step 1 J/C and you can step one Good=step 1 C/s, thus 1 volt ·amp·second=step 1 Joules=force·length. Zero discrepancy, no paradox. Another way to consider this is that most recent moments voltage is actually fuel and you will energy is W=J/s.

Followup Matter: We entirely keep in mind that step one amp try 1 coulomb for each second. I don’t know in which 1 volt is equivalent to step one joule per coulomb arises from otherwise why that is true.

ANSWER: The fresh digital career E is defined is the latest force F noticed of the a charge Q separated by the Q. This new electronic potential V means Elizabeth minutes length d more it serves. V=Ed=Fd/Q=[J/C]

QUESTION: magnetized push on charges q swinging with speed v =qV x B if i to see which charge off a vehicle swinging having exact same speed and direction while the compared to q than just they speed while the seen because of the me will be 0 so the push is 0.i’m not able to understand why problems at the same time force non no and at other time it’s 0

ANSWER: The issue is that the electric and magnetized areas in a single physical stature of reference aren’t the same like in several other swinging physique. (This is exactly special relativity.) To suit your needs you first start by a magnetic career and you may no electric industry. Imagine that this new magnetized field is in the y-recommendations, B=jB, E=0, and speed away from q is in the x-recommendations, v=iv. Regarding the swinging physical stature brand new areas would be B’=j?B and you may E’=k?vB, where ?=1/ v(1-(v/c) 2 ). Observe that E’=v x B’; and push, since seen in the latest swinging physique are F’=qE’=qv x B’=k?qvB, to put it mildly. Note, however, you to F’ ?F , it differ because of the a factor off ?; this is because force is considered getting maybe not Lorentz invariant and is not even a useful number in relativity.

QUESTION: Basically have fun with particular magnetic taverns, cut him or her well so as that I will place them along with her to mode an entire world, with the exact same pole leading outward, plus the almost every other pole leading inward, create I have a charismatic monopole target?

ANSWER: Think of your bars as dipoles of positive and negative magnetic charges (monopoles) separated by a distance d. The magnitude of the magnetic field B of a monopole is inversely proportional to the square of the distance r from the charge, B=kq/r 2 where k is some constant. In the drawing above the field at point p is B=B-q+B+q=kq[(1/(r-d) 2 -(1/r+d) 2 ]=4kqrd/[(r+d) 2 (r-d) 2 ]. The field does not look like a monopole because it falls off like 1/r 3 , not 1/r 2 .

Today, look at the occupation when r>>d: B?4kqd/roentgen 3

QUESTION: Assume I have a charge +q as there are a time P , Imagine I put an excellent conductor within charges +q and you can P . Because there are totally free electrons inside it , Bad electrons circulate into +q and equivalent self-confident costs within the conductor near P , The conductor has costs shipments including a beneficial dipole. Therefore if I want to estimate Elizabeth occupation during the P . I’m able to play with superposition principle to obtain Age at the P owed to help you +q and Age because of dipole. However, Gauss’s legislation says you to definitely dipole doesn’t lead almost anything to E profession at the P. Do you really describe myself ‘intuitively’ (Perhaps not within the equations) as to why the latest dipole will not lead almost anything to industry from Buddhist singles dating the P ?

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