Some of the black sex workers are decent looking, but most are either overweight or old

Some of the black sex workers are decent looking, but most are either overweight or old

  • Prostitutes behind the windows

There are good looking hookers all around Red Light District and all different races and size. You can find a girl from different fetish, spanking, x-large silicon to a innocent school girl. Price for sex in Amsterdam in red-light district: Normally suck and fuck is 50ˆ, if you can negotiate you can come in a non rush hours to 35ˆ. If you are ugly or old price can be 60-100ˆ. Some try the 50 – 50 trick – You enter one of the booths of a girl – and she will then ask you for an extra 50 euro in exchange she will do an extra good job – like offering uncovered oral sex, or add minutes, to the 20 minutes that one 50 euro bank note buys you. Most punters presume that 50 euros pays you at least half an hour, so one needs to clarify before entering the booth how much time 50 euros will buy, and try to negotiate a better time deal. Italian and Latin American female hookers are especially good at extracting more money from punters – but perhaps it’s worth it, as often they are often very beautiful/sexy !

  • Black Prostitutes behind the windows

Black hookers in Amsterdam work around old church (oude kerk). Suck and fuck with a black prostitutes near old church cost around 30 to 40ˆ, but you can get blowjob or sex sometimes as low as 20ˆ if you can negotiate. There are also few black girls working in the other areas of De Wallen and these ebony hookers are usually very attractive, but cost to have sex with them is always at least 50ˆ.

  • Shemale Prostitutes behind the windows

TS/TV/TG and CD « girls » are located around Redlight Bar close to the new market. If you walk around the bar you can see from 10 to 15 tranny prostitutes. Bloedstraat, Gordijnensteeg and Oudezijds Achterburgwal t-girl whores will ask 50ˆ for a suck and fuck (make sure you negotiate first; who will fuck who!). T-girls who work at the Barndesteeg are usually a little cheaper and you can get sex for as cheap as 30ˆ from them, but the quality of the ladyboys is not very good. Average price to have sex with Amsterdam red-light district t-girls is 30-50ˆ for suck and fuck and threesome will cost 100ˆ.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

There are different type of prostitutes in Amsterdam. The girls who work at the red-light district are most popular by locals and regular tourists who just come to the Amsterdam for a holidays. These prostitutes usually have sex with up to 30 customers a day as they try to get as many customers as possible during their shift with low prices from 30 to 50ˆ per 15 minutes.

The girls who work at the erotic massage centers provide also different kind of sex services on the side and ask a little more for sex than the window prostitutes. For more up-scale people there are brothels and sex clubs where sex cost more, but the service is more personalised and rooms are decorated for different tastes. Independent escorts also work from the private flats which are located usually in- or nearby the city center.

Window prostitutes on red-light district are usually originally from Eastern Europe, but you can also find girls from different parts of the world, such as Africa, South America and Asia. Some of the working girls behind the windows can be very beautiful.

Street Hookers

There use to be a tippelzone area in Amsterdam, xmeeting dating where street whores were allowed to sell sex. But this sex place does not exist anymore.

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