The Gay Guide to Playa Del Carmen

The Gay Guide to Playa Del Carmen

This is our Everything Lesbian and Gay Playa Del Carmen Guide!! In this guide we will cover the best beaches, gay areas, shopping, preferred hotels and gay resorts, gay bars, clubs, restaurants, and places to meet and interact with locals.

Never has the time been better to visit Playa Del Carmen for the LBGT community. Playa (as it is know to the locals) is a welcoming place that is very integrated and friendly. People are just starting to discover what others have known for a while now, Playa Del Carmen is a great destination. Playa is a beautiful Caribbean beach town/city with great restaurants, exciting nightlife, shopping, adventurous day trips and of course beautiful people from all over the world. It is becoming just as attractive a some of the other gay and lesbian destination. So why not discover Playa Del Carmen and all it has to offer!

Where are all the gays?

People will come to Playa Del Carmen and think that there are not a lot of gays especially since there is just one club listed on many sites. The fact is that there is actually a high proportion in Playa compared to other places. Part of the reason for this is because Playa Del Carmen is a youthful place that attracts many young people within Mexico to look for employment in the large resorts.

Many dancers, acrobats and hospitality jobs are filled by young gay people looking for an exciting life. It also does not hurt that Playa Del Carmen is a fabulous place with almost everything a gay person could want, shopping, beach, parties, gorgeous people, great places to eat, and warm weather all year.

  1. It is part the working lifestyle and conditions in Playa Del Carmen.
  2. The other part is the fact that Playa Del Carmen is so intergraded between straight and gay.

Cost of going out in Playa Del Carmen

Let talk about the first factor. Part of the reason people do not go out all the time is the fact that most people work 5 1/2 to 6 days a week and going out a lot is not that conducive to working the next day.

It is also expensive to go out for a lot of people. Many people make 300-500 pesos a day. That is only about $25-$40 USD. Going out to have some casual drinks and taking a taxi home is going to cost you 20-50% of your pay for the day. So this is another factor why people do not go out as much and get together with friends at someone’s house. It is also why beer is by far the most popular drink at bars because it is more affordable at about 40 pesos.

Playa Del Carmen is very mixed between gay and straight

The other reason that gay people are not at one club because Playa Del Carmen is very integrated. Many bars and clubs can be a nice place to hang with both gay and straight friends. This means when you are visiting , enjoy going out to a place that you would like and you will be pleasantly surprised that you find a mixed crowd. However there are more of a concentration of the GLBT crowd at the following places in our gay bar and club guide below.

Gay Bars and Clubs in Playa Del Carmen

A basic search online will come up with only one gay club in Playa Del Carmen, Club 69. Many people come to Playa and go there and then think that is it and are disappointed. Even locals don’t go to this bar too much except on the weekend. It is older and needs to be renovated.

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