Today, Louisiana has many laws which are very different from those of the English standard law.

Before Louisiana was placed under French control the state was a treasure under Spanish rule. Nothing can’t be used as grist for historians’ mill. The mixture of the three races of French, Spanish, and as well as those African American slaves brought to America has given and continues to give New Orleans its assorted culture that it still has until today. The study of History.

Prior to the Louisiana Purchase, the majority of people living in America were white or slaves brought from Africa. The essay is written by students. The success of Louisiana provided America the diversity of race it required growing as a cultural nation. This is not a representation of essays written by professional writers. Today, New Orleans is one of the cities with the highest concentration of culture in the United States.

Remember! This is only a test. It has its own customs of its own. Get your customized research done by one of our experienced writers. When Louisiana was declared an official state in 1812, it brought its French legal customs along.

77 writers are online. Today, Louisiana has many laws which are very different from those of the English standard law. What is the reason why Do We Study History?

The reasons behind why we study history range from personal as well as those that affect an entire group or population of people. Louisiana Purchase Louisiana Purchase helped diversify our nation and was among the states that first introduced diverse races and cultures to our nation. Being conscious, we always was an obligation to study and discover why and how the world has developed to where it is now. It is the U. Individually you are often told to "learn through your errors." In the past, history has taught us about making mistakes, so it is possible to be able to learn from them. S. s an American nation that has gone through a myriad of historical moments.

When one learns the lessons of the bigger picture rather than the small particulars, one can find out what made them what they are today. However, by far the most significant event in American time is that of the Louisiana Purchase. In addition, by understanding the sequence of events and the actions that occurred, one will comprehend the present and what is likely to happen in the near future. It has enriched and enlarged our nation and instilled our nation’s future leaders. Students learn about history to ensure that they are not able to duplicate the errors of history. learn who and what is the race and comprehend the present and the future. "Those who do not study the past are bound to repeat the mistakes of the past" According to George Santaya, a famous philosopher and author.


It opened up new opportunities for trade and agriculture and provided our nation with the diversity of its racial population that it required to enhance our cultural heritage. When we learn about the sinister acts of the past, and particularly how they got there and how they came to be, the society can keep future acts of this kind from taking place. It was the Louisiana Purchase that brought about Louisiana Purchase was the breakthrough that our nation required to end to colonial control and begin conquering continents.

Humans need to learn from their previous mistakes, and stop these from happening again. The essay was written by an undergraduate student. It was the Holocaust, World War II, The Reign of Mao ZeDong in China and many other horrendous errors were recorded so that any future mistakes or transgressions. It can be used to help you write your own essay, or you can use it as a reference, however, you must cite the source. Once the events were investigated, they are to be avoided again.

The study of the past is not about memorizing dates or facts however, it is about understanding oneself. Learning about Culture by studying objects and Artifacts. When one starts the process of studying of the way they got to where they are today and what they learned from the battles, agreements and developments that formed them.

Nate Sullivan holds a M.A. in History and an M.Ed. When learning about the lives of the ancestors of the past One can gain a better understanding of the way of life and the way that the people before them were required to do. In addition, he is an adjunct historian professor, middle school historian teacher and freelance writer. This gives a greater understanding and appreciation of oneself and the world that surrounds them. In this course, we’ll look at the ways that artifacts and objects represent the cultural context.

Once one has a better understanding of the lessons, they can give themselves to gain a fresh perspective on who they really are. We will examine iconic cultural objects that date back to the past, and discover how they can be used as clues to determine the cultural context of their time period. The past is always in a cycle. Updated: 09/30/2022.

The same event can never happen twice in the exact same way and with a different form. The reflection of culture in objects. If one analyzes the patterns of the changing, rising and conflict of people and the groups that they belong to and groups, one can gain a better understanding of the patterns that characterize humanity. Think of some of your most loved bands or artists. This helps to gain a better understanding of the brain’s workings. You might even own the t-shirt that bears the name of the artist. This improves the understanding of the present and future.

Let’s imagine you do. This ability to recognize patterns within the events that take place is another reason why the past is examined. If someone who was a century ago came across that shirt, what kinds of lessons could they take from it? If the shirt featured images of the artist or band and they were to study what styles and haircuts were popular in the decade of the 2010s. It is studied because of the three reasons listed above. They could also decide to an archive to listen to what the artist or band sound like. The mistakes made by humans in historical events shouldn’t be repeated, as it could lead to further loss and misery.

This could reveal much about the music of the decade of 2010. When one digs deeper into the complexities of historical events, people do not only discover more about other people as well as gain insight into themselves through the process. Items ranging from blue jeans, art work and even books provide a wealth of information about the culture in which they were derived. Trends and patterns appear clearer as understanding improves, and questions of the motives and motivations of the mind and the race is solved. In order to be precise Culture can be described as the common ways of living among certain groups of people. The study of the past provides knowledge of oneself and the mind, as well as a deeper understanding on the behavior of the group, and an understanding of the past and the future. Japanese culture is very distinct than German culture.

In the same way, the society of antiquated Greece was vastly different from the culture of the Hebrew/Jewish people in the past.

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