While the let you know portrayed their dating as the Gordon seeking victory back Trudy, there’s no solid proof so it

While the let you know portrayed their dating as the Gordon seeking victory back Trudy, there’s no solid proof so it

7. Gordon Trudy Cooper: Divorced The couple that probably never should have been together. It’s no longer a secret that these two were already separated though still started. Luckily for Gordon, Trudy was willing to play the part because she understood the bigger picture of what it meant to explore space and land on the moon. After 11 years and 2 daughters together, the Coopers suffered a very bitter and ugly divorce. Trudy was the one who filed and she claimed it was because of his « continued infidelity ». This is confusing considering the fact that they were emotionally s. Gordon was a very cocky character who was known as one of the « cookie indulgers » along with Alan Shepard. Ironically though, Trudy never remarried but Gordon Cooper did. Not only did Gordon remarry just 1 year after his divorce with Trudy but he stayed married to his 2nd wife for 32 years until his death. He was so happy in his second marriage that he even underwent 2 surgeries to reverse a vasectomy so he could father children with his new wife. Those don’t sound like the actions or results of someone who only cares about « cookies ». It seems more that Gordon wanted to be a good husband and have a family but it was really Trudy who didn’t want that life. The only female pilot of the crew, she was definitely the most feminist and least romantic. Photos of them together show the distant separation and lack of contentment in their relationship (unless of course they were under the spotlight).

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